Freenome Announces Initiation of the PREEMPT CRC Clinical Trial for the Early Detection and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer Using a Multiomics Blood Test

May 26, 2020

Freenome, a privately held biotechnology company that has pioneered a comprehensive multiomics platform for early cancer detection with a routine blood draw, initiating its PREEMPT CRC clinical trial.

PREEMPT CRC is Freenome’s prospective clinical trial that will enroll 14,000 individuals to validate its multiomics blood test for CRC screening and FDA approval. The study will include asymptomatic, average-risk patients between the ages of 45 and 85 undergoing a screening colonoscopy.

“More recent studies using our multiomics platform have revealed that different biomarkers are required for the detection of precancerous polyps versus CRC, and the availability of a blood test with adenoma detection rates as good or better than any known fecal test will meaningfully improve patient adherence and revolutionize CRC screening,” said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Girish Putcha.

Full press release can be found here