Orchard Therapeutics to Present New Registrational Data of Investigational Gene Therapies at the 61st American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

November 6, 2019

Registrational Trial for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Met Key Primary and Secondary Endpoints at Three Years; Data from Integrated Analysis Reinforce Treatment Benefits of Gene Therapy and Durability of Effect in Additional Patients

Similar Profiles Reported Between Cryopreserved and Fresh Formulations of OTL-101, Further Supporting Upcoming Regulatory Filing and Broad Patient Availability

BOSTON and LONDON, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Orchard Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ORTX), a leading commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with serious and life-threatening rare diseases through innovative gene therapies, today announced the upcoming presentation of registrational data from multiple programs at the 61stAmerican Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Investigators will describe ongoing clinical progress for two lead development programs in the company’s primary immune deficiencies portfolio: OTL-103, an investigational gene therapy in development for the treatment of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) at the San Raffaele-Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (SR-Tiget) in Milan, Italy; and OTL-101, an investigational gene therapy in development for the treatment of adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency (ADA-SCID).

In addition, investigators will deliver an oral presentation featuring updated data from the ongoing proof-of-concept study of OTL-203, an investigational gene therapy in development for the treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS-I) at SR-Tiget.

“This growing body of positive data, from dozens of patients across multiple diseases, provides a solid foundation as we advance each program toward its next phase of development, including upcoming regulatory submissions for ADA-SCID and WAS,” said Mark Rothera, president and chief executive officer of Orchard Therapeutics. “We now have two supportive data sets — one from our OTL-101 program in ADA-SCID and one from our OTL-200 program in metachromatic leukodystrophy — that demonstrate cryopreserved formulations are engrafting as expected, similar to the fresh formulation. This supports our strategy for making these therapies, if approved, broadly available to patients in need throughout the world.”

“We are extremely pleased with our continued clinical progress, including the duration of benefits seen in our WAS trial, which is the longest published follow-up of hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy durability to date using lentiviral vector transduction,” said Bobby Gaspar, M.D., Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Orchard Therapeutics. “The totality of these data underscores the broad applicability of our gene therapy platform approach and the opportunity we have to deliver potentially curative treatments for a variety of devastating and rare genetic disorders.”

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