Genentech inks its latest discovery deal — this time turning to RNA upstart Skyhawk

July 16, 2019

Roche’s Genentech has just completed the latest in a string of discovery deals with a lineup of much, much smaller companies looking to do new things in drug development.

Right on the heels of the news of Sosei’s coup bringing Genentech on board as a partner for its GPCR platform, the prolific dealmakers at Skyhawk — run by Bill Haney — have just added the storied biotech subsidiary as its latest partner in the world of drugging RNA.

How much upfront? What exactly are they talking about in terms of targets? This is Roche, so we’ll never know the exact terms unless Haney takes Skyhawk public. We do know that Genentech has put a couple of billion dollars of milestone money on the table — adding to the billions in deals Skyhawk has already inked.

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